Grace Place - Testimony

Front Row: Susan, Earl and Linda
Back Row: Charlie, Stan, Larry, Barbara, Nancy, Carol, Alene


Nancy: Dog Friendly
Susan: Yummy Food
Linda, Earl: Great Food and dog friendly
Larry & Carol: Fantastic Friendly Staff
Alene: Great scones and helpful staff
Stan: Why?? You’re Kidding!! What’s not to like??
Charlie: Great food, fantastic beautiful girls and a great place to go
Kathy: great place to gather and eat with friends


Grace Place is the wonderful place it is because of our dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Meet just a few of these special people who serve our community.

Marti Dorman - Testimony

“I enjoy volunteering for Compass ShiningCare because it feels like family here to me. I also enjoy being a part of an organization that gives back to the community often for those who may not otherwise benefit.”

Dorothy McCarley

“I like being a part of something that is giving to the care and needs of the people of our community.”

Grace Place Testimony - Dorothy McCarley
Grace Place Testimony - Terry Crary
Terry Crary

“I decided to volunteer because I believe in what Compass ShiningCare does for the community. The people here are truly caring and wear so many hats that it is my pleasure if I can help in any way possible.”


Larry enjoying his Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake; We enjoy coming to Grace Place Tea House and Boutique, they have great food and friendly staff!!

Grace Place Testimony - Larry