There have been some wonderful articles written about Grace Place and how it is benefiting our local community.   Below are excerpts from some of the articles along with their links or PDF’s so you can read them in their entirety:

Tea House a place of support for seniors

From Record Searchlight Senior Living:

….Joanne McCarley was challenged to use her creativity to create fundraising opportunities for the nonprofit. Grace Place was born from the idea that it could be a financially viable business from sales of teas, light refreshments, gifts and renting out for private events, as well as provide a safe place to find a natural support system for eldercare. She understands that there is growing recognition among human service professionals of the importance of an alternate system of support in the community that operates outside of but parallel to the established professional care giving system.

McCarley envisions Grace Place to facilitate relationship building among seniors and care givers. Compass Shining Care’s trained volunteers will help guests feel valued and build a desire to come back where they can socialize. Given that the elderly are vulnerable to depression from being isolated, Grace Place will be a wonderful option for those who live alone or feel isolated.

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To read the entire article in the Record Searchlight, written by Dr. Arlen Burger, Mary Burger and Dave Besana, click here.

To download a PDF of the Record Searchlight article about Grace Place, click here.

A Touch of Grace – Compass ShiningCare’s Grace Place

Courtesy of Enjoy Magazine:

“Grace Place is about creating community,” says Joanne McCarley, Executive Director of Compass ShiningCare, the non-profit organization that operates the tea house. “We started it as a creative way to raise money, knowing we couldn’t rely on grants.”

Compass ShiningCare provides client assessment, care planning and management services to seniors, while also assisting people with disabilities and those living with mental illness in Shasta County. “Having a care manager is like having an extended family member who can take on some of the responsibility so family members can be family,” says McCarley.

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To read the entire article written by Claudia Mosby click here.

To download a PDF of the Enjoy Magazine article about Grace Place, click here.